Welcome !

This is my virtual art gallery, showcasing all of my silver art for sale or for show, here you will find the places you can reach me and shows I will be in. You can also design your own unique piece of jewelry art with my custom hand cut natural stones and custom order form. You will find all of my silver pieces, stones, and some examples of custom work.

I also have examples of my illustrated cards and even the characters I have done for online roleplays and other works. You may also notice I also design web sites. Though my knowledge is limited I can create lovely websites for almost any purpose. Enjoy wandering and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Silver Artist

I prefer the term silver artist since I prefer to hand form, sculpt, and hammer the silver into unique one of a kind designs, I create jewelry that I myself would like to wear. I rarely use pre-made forms and cast only with hand casting, each cast being hand done and unique in many ways. I also love bringing out the natural beauty in the stones I polish and usually keep the natural shape, this dictates the shape of the silver that frames it and once again makes very unique pieces of jewelry or wearable art.

I am proud of the quality and eye catching appeal but I encourage you to be the judge. If I don't have something you envision I'm open to all manner of custom work, I will only say no if I don't think I can create your piece to your liking.. yet. I am still expanding my technique and knowledge.



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